What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle hands-on treatment that stimulates the circulation and drainage of lymph fluid around the body using gentle rhythmical movements, which helps restore and improve lymphatic function and reduce swelling. Having excess fluid is often painful and can be tender to the touch; this is why lymphatic drainage is an excellent non-invasive management approach.

What are the benefits and uses of Lymphatic Drainage?

  • Reduces fluid retention throughout the body, common areas such as ankles, arms, legs, and feet.
  • Management and reduction of lymphoedema and oedema fluid.
  • Helps reduce post-surgical and scar tissue – improves lymph flow, softens, and improves the elasticity of the tissue.
  • Helps assist and encourage the removal of toxins and waste products from the lymphatic system.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation with arthritis and rheumatism
  • Helps relieve sinusitis and hay fever symptoms.
  • Helps manage and reduce oedema during pregnancy.
  • Assists with general health and well-being due to its detoxing nature.
  • Helps recovery after cancer and post-surgical management of complex conditions such as lymphoedema, which may develop.

Our Lymphoedema Practitioner, Jessica Graham, is registered with the Australian Lymphology Association. She will be able to assess, treat and manage forms of excess fluid such as lymphoedema, oedema, lipoedema, and venous disorders, along with providing exercise advice and garment prescription.

Jessica consults Mon, Wed, Friday in Wyong and Tues/Thursday in West Gosford.

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