We are pleased to welcome Dr Joanna Cooper, Chiropractor, to our team. Here are a few fun facts from Dr Cooper:

  • Joanna was born on the Central Coast, and raised in Terrigal & Wamberal.
  • She qualified at Macquarie University (as did Angus, Bryce, Oystein and Dennis), completing a Bachelor of Science degree and then the Masters of Chiropractic in 2001.
  • After graduation Joanna moved to Adelaide in South Australia, and worked there for 17 years, where I worked as an associate for 7 years, then ran her own practice for 10 years, in the Adelaide Hills. This is now Joanna’s 18th year of practice!
  • Joanna happily returned home to the Central Coast in October, 2017.
  • She has two children: Cooper (12) and Georgia (10). She points out that her son’s name isn’t Cooper Cooper, he’s Cooper Blakey!
  • Her other ‘children’ are her first born Abyssinian cat Bonnie Boy (15 years and going strong), and her Whippet dog named Flynn.
  • Joanna loves working with people of all ages. She has cared for babies who are days old right through to people 96 years young.
  • Dr Jo loves learning about health and how to maximise it and am very interested in and continue to pursue post graduate study in integrative medicine that is I am interested in the ‘whole’ person, caring for spine and all peripheral joints plus the nutritional/biochemical and emotional/psychological aspects of each individual.
  • Dr Jo says she loves connecting with people and am always learning something new talking with others about their experiences and perspectives on the world.
  • Dr Jo’s daughter and friends have described her as a “Chiro Nerd” but she says she does love other things, besides chiropractic. Having grown up on the beach on the Central Coast she also loves to swim and walk.
  • Dr Jo has recently discovered Kundalini Yoga and is practicing what she preaches to her patients by prioritising self-care including exercise, yoga, relaxation and meditation.
  • Dr Jo loves reading and watching movies and reports that she is a skilled bargain hunter and shopper!
  • I have been a member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia since graduation, and like Dr Angus, Dr Dennis and Dr Bryce, has previously served on the Chiropractors Association board.

Dr Cooper is available Monday, Thursday and Friday in our Wyong clinic and Wednesday and alternate Saturdays in West Gosford.