Dr Øystein Kåsa has now moved back to Norway

Dr Øystein Kåsa B.Hlth.Sc., M.Chir.
Dr Øystein Kåsa B.Hlth.Sc., M.Chir.Chiropractor

Farewell Dr Kåsa

In June 2018 we bid farewell to Dr Øystein Kåsa. Dr Kåsa has now moved back to Norway. Dr Kåsa was with us for nearly three years.

While with us Dr Kåsa introduced our clinic to many new ideas in the area of functional neurology and vestibular rehabilitation. We will very much miss his expertise in these areas. We wish Dr Kåsa all the very best on his exciting adventure.

Dr Kåsa’s patients will be cared for by our other chiropractors who have access to your records if required.