Meet The Team

Dr Bryce Conrad
Dr Bryce ConradChiropractor
Dr Angus Steventon
Dr Angus SteventonChiropractor
Dr Dennis Jang
Dr Dennis JangTCM Practitioner, Acupuncturist & Chiropractor
Dr Claire McVittie
Dr Claire McVittieChiropractor
Currently on Maternity Leave
Dr Lotte Hansen
Dr Lotte HansenChiropractor
Dr Rory McKnight
Dr Rory McKnightChiropractor
Dr Heidi Knorr
Dr Heidi KnorrChiropractor
Selena O'Dwyer
Selena O'DwyerPhysiotherapist
Ms Sarah Connell
Ms Sarah ConnellRemedial Massage Therapist
Ms Tanya Heron
Ms Tanya HeronRemedial Massage Therapist
Currently on Leave
Ms Vanessa Greco
Ms Vanessa GrecoRemedial Massage Therapist
Mrs Gena Bond
Mrs Gena BondPractice Manager
Mrs Alex Braye
Mrs Alex BrayeFinance and Administration
Ms Eliza Mount McCaughey
Ms Eliza Mount McCaugheyChiropractic Assistant
Ms Danielle Eldridge
Ms Danielle EldridgeChiropractic Assistant
Ms Tanya Cooney
Ms Tanya CooneyChiropractic Assistant
Ms Danielle Fowler
Ms Danielle FowlerChiropractic Assistant
Ms Melissa McDonald
Ms Melissa McDonaldChiropractic Assistant
Ms Jackie Young
Ms Jackie YoungChiropractic Assistant
Ms Lara Gordon
Ms Lara GordonChiropractic Assistant
Ms Kate Ryan
Ms Kate RyanChiropractic Assistant
Dr Joanna Cooper
Dr Joanna CooperChiropractor

17 Sept. 1976 - 26 March 2021