We’re looking forward to sharing news and articles with you. So much interesting research comes across our desks, and we’ve been saving it up, for the last few years, with hopes and dreams of sharing it. Time is a resource that can’t be stored up, and with our move to the GP SuperClinic in West Gosford, two years ago, and the subsequent crazy growth of our clinic and all its services, the time to write hasn’t presented itself.

Nevertheless, our goal over the next few months is to begin to gradually populate this section of our website with bits and pieces of research, or news, or anything else that we think is worth sharing. So, stay tuned, and please email us with any ideas of things you think we should write an article about.

Right now, Dr Jang is writing a piece on Graston Technique, and Dr Steventon is writing an article that describes what sort of typical cases our Chiropractors see.