International Women’s Day:
Empowering Women in Healthcare

Melissa McDonald Naturopath

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we’re celebrating the accomplishments of women around the world and in our practice at Central Coast Spinal Care Centre. To celebrate, we have interviewed two inspiring women of our practice, Dr Lotte Hansen (Chiropractor), and Melissa McDonald (Naturopath). Both of these wonderful women are making a positive impact in healthcare, whose passion for holistic well-being has positively influenced many lives.

Dr Lotte Hansen – Chiropractor


How did you get into Chiropractic?

I discovered chiropractic and loved its philosophy of helping the body restore itself. It’s practical and can be done anywhere with just a table, a phone, and a lightbulb.

I chose to study at AECC in England because of its international recognition, opening doors for me to work outside Denmark. After graduating, I opened a clinic in Scotland and also served patients in the Shetland Islands weekly. Traveling and seeing the world suited me well.

Did you know any health professionals or someone in your family who was a chiropractor?

I always felt from a young age, that I needed to explore the world beyond Denmark, where I grew up. Being a stay-at-home mum wasn’t enough for me. My godmother was Flight Attendant, and I always admired how her job took her to see the whole world, so I wanted something that gave me the freedom to explore.

How do you balance self care and caring for others?

I have always loved water, and wanted to live near water. In Denmark, there is a lot of water, and I could not see myself living somewhere in a desert. So, I came to Australia, which is 50% desert, but also an island.
I immediately joined the rowing club straightaway. That’s how I met my husband. We were always entering into different races and I would spend all my time outside work doing water sports and that’s continued until now although it has evolved into a big sailboat.

I’ve heard that your sailing has cost you a few phones.

Unfortunately, I have now lost three phones to the bottom of Lake Macquarie.