Call for an appointment on (02) 4323 9100 or book online.

Call for an appointment on
(02) 4323 9100 or book online.

How many Naturopathy appointments would I need to book?

I typically advise scheduling follow-up appointments on a monthly basis, with a minimum of three appointments (spanning three months) to address your concerns effectively. However, individual healing processes vary. Some clients may experience quicker improvements, while others may require a longer duration of care. Certain factors, such as specific gut healing protocols, pregnancy/postpartum conditions, [...]

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What happens after the Naturopathy consult?

After your initial consultation, you can expect to receive a comprehensive treatment summary and plan via email in the next few days. This will include evidence-based research regarding your condition, suggested functional testing, as well as recommendations for diet, lifestyle adjustments, and any necessary supplement, herbal, or compounded medicines. Following subsequent consultations, you will [...]

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Are supplements included in the cost of a Naturopathy consultation?

Supplements are not included in the cost of a naturopathy consultation. Extra expenses may arise for shipping, herbal prescriptions, nutritional compounds, custom herbal or nutritional supplements. During your consultation, we'll talk about tailoring these costs to fit your budget and requirements. I usually aim to suggest only two herbs or supplements to keep things [...]

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