Many adult spinal conditions can be traced back to childhood injuries, and even to birth trauma. It is well worth having your young children checked, particularly if they were born by caesarian, forceps or suction. We monitor developmental milestones, and collaborate with GPs and other health providers, if issues are found. Older children will benefit from having their posture assessed. Many a case of bad posture starts in childhood, and can be more effectively sorted out early, rather than waiting until skeletal maturity has been reached. We can also check to make sure scoliosis is not developing.

There is some (low level) research, and a lot of anecdotal evidence, suggesting that, in certain cases, with chiropractic care, babies may sleep more soundly, be less irritable, and suffer less frequently and severely from ear infections. Our chiropractors work collaboratively with your child’s GP, working within the current best practice guidelines for otitis media (ear infection).

Treatment of any person is tailored to their age and condition. Any adjustments or other procedures that your child might need are fully discussed with you, and we always choose the most gentle approach. Most parents are surprised to discover that, during an adjustment of a baby, the chiropractor usually applies no more force than you would be willing to apply when pushing on your own eyeball. This is because a child’s spine and nervous system is more delicate and should be cared for, accordingly. Most children enjoy being adjusted.