Could the pain between my shoulder blades be T4 syndrome?

Could the pain between my shoulder blades be T4 syndrome?

Charlie has been experiencing all sorts of persistent pain between her shoulder blade and down the arm that won’t go away. The pain started a few months after her new role at work which is mostly working from home at a computer all day. Charlie also had a car accident 6 months ago and thinks this pain is all related to each other.

What is T4 Syndrome?

T4 syndrome, also known as upper thoracic syndrome, is a condition characterized by dysfunction of the spinal and rib joints and irritation of the fourth thoracic vertebra (T4) and the surrounding tissues. This area of the spine is crucial as it supports the shoulder and chest making it vulnerable to spinal misalignment and discomfort.


What causes T4 Syndrome and what factors play a role?

  • Poor Posture

    Modern lifestyles often involve prolonged periods of sitting and poor posture. Slouching or hunching over electronic devices can lead to misalignment’s in the thoracic spine, including T4.

  • Physical Trauma

    Accidents, falls, or sports-related injuries can cause misalignment’s and strain in the upper back, triggering T4 syndrome.

  • Repetitive Movements

    Certain occupations or activities that require repetitive upper body movements, such as lifting heavy objects or constant overhead reaching, can strain the thoracic spine.



What are the T4 Syndrome and what factors play a role?

Upper Back Pain
: A hallmark symptom is localized pain in the upper back, usually centered around the T4 vertebra.


Chest Discomfort
: Some individuals may experience chest pain that can mimic more severe cardiac issues, leading to unnecessary concerns.

Radiating Pain or Pins and Needles
: Sensations may radiate into the arms, shoulders, or rib cage, making everyday activities challenging.

Muscle Tension: Tightness and tension in the upper back and sh