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Do I have a migraine?

Jenny is worried. She knows what is coming. In front of her eyes she can see little sparkly things, floating around, and her tongue has started going numb. Has Jenny been poisoned? Is she having a stroke? No, Jenny has the beginning stages of a type of migraine, and she knows it won't be long [...]

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About Osteoporosis & Bone Density

OSTEOPOROSIS & BONE DENSITY Osteoporosis is a common disease that causes bones to become fragile and brittle. Osteoporosis causes bones to lose minerals such as calcium more quickly than the body can replace them, and consequently there is a reduction in bone strength and density. As the bone becomes thinner, even a [...]

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The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Finding out you are pregnant can be an exciting and challenging time in a woman’s life. Now that you have another little person to take care of it is even more important to consider your health and wellbeing. Along with nutritional support, extra sleep and gentle exercise, it is important to look after your physical [...]

Is my back pain from a strained muscle?

  Meet Ewan & His Sock. A typical day for a chiropractor starts when Ewan shows up, as a new patient. Ewan, a 45 year old office worker, has severe, acute low back pain that started after he picked up one of his socks, after being yelled at by his wife, because he left it [...]

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Introducing Dr Øystein Kåsa – Chiropractor

Welcome, Dr Kåsa! We are proud to welcome Dr Øystein Kåsa to our clinic. He will begin accepting new patients at Central Coast Spinal Care Centre in December, 2015, and will be available most days, including Saturdays. Dr Kåsa has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and further expands the capabilities of the CCSCC Clinical team. He has [...]

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Mentoring Macquarie University Chiropractic Interns

Photo (L-R) Dr. Bryce Conrad, Interns, Peta Gormly & Jonathan Draysey Dr. Rodney Beckwith, Dr. Angus Steventon. If you have been in to our clinic, in the last few weeks, you may have seen a few bright individuals gadding around in Macquarie University shirts. That's because we have been hosting students from the [...]

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Therapeutic Sports Massage for Developing Athletes

Young athletes are working harder to perform at higher levels and this is leading to a significant increase in serious injuries. Young, developing bodies differ from adults in many ways. For example, as children grow, their muscles are constantly being stretched. Overstretching muscles can result in serious damage. Long bones grow more rapidly than the [...]

We are going green… Fewer bits of paper in the mail!

  We're hoping to chop down less trees. That's why we are moving as much correspondence with our patients as we can to email. If you receive an SMS from us, asking you to update your email address, please don't be offended! We don't want to spam you... We just want to avoid sending you [...]

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