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About Dr Heidi Knorr (Chiropractor)

Dr Heidi Knorr is a Chiropractor based on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. Dr Knorr received her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Chiropractic from Macquarie University. She then went on to complete a second Masters degree in Chiropractic Paediatrics and Pregnancy from the prestigious Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. After completing her dissertation on infants with suboptimal breastfeeding presenting to a chiropractor, she went on to lecture internationally on the subject of tongue tie. She has extensive experience in the treatment of expectant mothers and paediatric cases.

What is the best chair for my home office?

With COVID lockdowns over our heads again, most of you have already sorted out your working from home set-up. You probably already have a desk, PC and a monitor, but what about a chair? Have you chosen the right one? Finding and investing in the perfect ergonomic office chair means you should not only [...]

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Pillow Use in Children – At what age should I introduce a pillow for my child?

From time to time, I get asked at what age parents should introduce a pillow for their toddler. This question is one in which there may be a number of different factors at play. Perhaps the child has asked for a pillow or maybe the parent believes the child should have one at a [...]

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