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What kinds of problems typically present to our clinic?

I recently visited my parents' farm, in the Central West of NSW, with a friend of mine. He rarely visits the country, and so he soon asked "What does a typical day as a farmer look like"? That day we set out to check on a feeding trough, quickly bogged the utes, trudged through a heap of [...]

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Full Time or Part Time Chiropractor. Expressions of Interest Invited.

Central Coast Spinal Care Centre, situated in West Gosford, NSW, welcomes expressions of interest from Chiropractors keen to work in one of the largest SuperClinic multidisciplinary centres, in Australia. We currently have four Chiropractors, and need to add a new one to the fold. The new Chiropractor will be partly taking over the caseload [...]

Therapeutic Sports Massage for Developing Athletes

Young athletes are working harder to perform at higher levels and this is leading to a significant increase in serious injuries. Young, developing bodies differ from adults in many ways. For example, as children grow, their muscles are constantly being stretched. Overstretching muscles can result in serious damage. Long bones grow more rapidly than the [...]

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